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Buy cannabis seeds in Berkeley CA

Buy cannabis seeds in Berkeley CA

Berkeley is a beautiful sunny coastline city found in Alameda County that gives you an experience of a lifetime. Let’s talk surfing, culinary art, artistic gardens; the list is endless.

Spice up your stay with your homegrown stash grown from seeds you bought from marijuana seed connect.

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Berkeley?

Medical marijuana was legalized in Berkeley in 1996 with no restriction on how many plants you can grow.

In 2016, the city legalized marijuana for recreation purposes but limited the home growers to a maximum of 6 plants.

What are the best marijuana seeds to buy in Berkeley?

Berkeley experiences suitable climatic conditions you can maximize to cultivate your favorite pot seeds.

All the pot seeds you cultivate belong to one of the categories below

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

Are you looking for easy-to-grow 420 seeds that can give you multiple harvests a year even with minimum effort? Auto-flowering pot seeds are here for you. They don’t depend on light cycles to flower, and with just the basics of water and nutrients, you have your stash.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

If you want all your six plants to grow into females to maximize yields of potent sticky buds, grow feminized pot seeds because they are genetically modified to eliminate the male qualities leaving you with only female attributes in the seeds.

Regular weed seeds

Regular pot seeds give you a mix of male and female plants, and if they grow together in proximity, the males pollinate the females, so you harvest a garden with poor quality yields covered in seeds

Where to buy marijuana seeds in Berkeley?

Buy the best marijuana seeds sourced from top growers here at marijuana seed connect and enjoy the growing experience of seeds backed up with a guarantee to germinate.

And that’s not the only guarantee. We guarantee safe, discrete, and tracked delivery of your seeds. As if that’s not good enough, we offer free shipping for all seeds worth 100$

Buy cannabis seeds in Berkeley CA

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